Every new podcast is an opportunity to redefine something and do it in a completely different way. -Rhys Waters

As podcasts become more expansive, they’ve also become so crowded that it’s difficult to get noticed and build a loyal listener base. In such a space, doing something unexpected and radically different is how we attract new listeners. The best practice copycat approach won’t work in podcasting today.

We have to be able to deliver an experience that makes the audience create a new mental bucket to put us in, and we can only do this by not doing what podcasts are doing. What can we learn from the world of comedy podcasts? What can businesses learn from the narrative style of storytelling and adopt in their marketing? 


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In this episode, I’m joined by podcast producer, co-founder of Podstarter and host of the Unexplainers and Canadian Politics is Boring, Rhys Waters. We talk about where podcasting is now, how it’s changed and where the medium is going.


3 Things We Learned from Rhys Waters


  • Why genre-blending is a winning but polarizing strategy in podcasting.
  • What comedians understand about marketing that corporations struggle with.
  • The evolution of podcasting and growth of unique categories, genres and styles.


Guest Bio-

Rhys is the co-founder, editor and producer at Podstarter. He has been passionately involved in podcasting since 2014, having developed, launched and run the Unexplainers, a hit show which eventually became a radio show and TV series. He’s hosted, co-created and developed hours of Podcast content and shares this hands-on experience with clients and strangers alike.

For more information visit https://www.podstarter.io/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhyswaters/.

To listen to the podcast visit https://www.canadianpoliticsisboring.com/.