The whole point is that over time that you get more and more in control of your destiny. -Rebecca Geier

For services companies, turning away business is scary because it feels like we’re giving up our billable capacity, but being more focused actually serves our businesses well. How does niching down make us profitable on the efficiency side and on pricing as well? When it comes to integrity and accountability, how do high performing team cultures set themselves apart? Why is it so important for accountability to work both ways, with the leader holding their staff accountable and staff holding leaders accountable?

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On this episode, Rive CEO and author Rebecca Geier shares on the 3 big wisdoms to help our businesses grow by being willing to become less distracted, and more focused on the right kind of work.

3 Things We Learned from Rebecca Geier

  • Why Southwest only flies one type of airplane (and what lesson we should take away)
  • How to uncover your Three Unique’s and go ALL IN on them
  • When to take business outside of your focus while keeping your public brand very focused

About our Featured Guest:
Rebecca is the CEO and advisor at Rive, and she’s the author of Smart Marketing for Engineers. With nearly 30 years of business leadership experience with engineering companies large and small and named by The Wall Street Journal editors among the Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America, Rebecca’s passion is advising engineering executives to realize their vision. In 2018, Rebecca founded RIVE with the sole purpose of fulfilling this passion. She works with executives and business leaders to develop a well-defined, measured path to realize their personal and professional vision.

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