Want to see if podcasting is right for you?

Here are the five basic parts of running an interview podcast:

-Interview questions
-Publish & Promote


Don’t psych yourself out on equipment unless you’re making a long term commitment. Keep it simple for the first few interviews.

If you have a laptop or a PC, you only need a couple things.

A simple way to record a call with your guest
A simple way to get good audio on your end

Record the Call

UberConference – Free conference line service. For better audio quality, use your USB headset and fire up the conference from your computer. Let your guest dial in by phone, listeners are fine with the guest having so-so audio quality.

Skype w/free call recording – Depending on your computer, Mac or PC, go download HotRecorder (Mac) or Pamela (PC). These free software programs allow you to record your Skype calls. The recordings get saved to your computer automatically, so watch where the program puts the files so you can find them.

Getting Good Audio

Simple USB headset – I’ve tested several and prefer the Sennheiser PC8. I use it anytime I’m doing a podcast on the road.

The Plantronics Audio 478 is another good one


Start with people you already know
Make a list of 5 people who might be good guests
Reach out using the template email below
Schedule the interview call

When you schedule the interview, make sure to build a great Calendar appt with:

Appointment Title
Interview Questions
Call details – Skype, UberConference #, etc.
Event Reminders

I like to schedule a couple reminders, 1 day before and 1 hour before the interview. This cuts down on people forgetting or being out in their car during the interview.

Interview Questions

The biggest question I get about doing interviews is “What do I ask them?”

Here’s a list of standard questions that work for virtually any business owner or entrepreneur.

Basic Story Questions
Why did you get into the ___________ business?
What’s the biggest problem/obstacle holding back an entrepreneurial _______ from growing their business?
What story can you share of how this problem/obstacle was solved?
What specific takeaways have you learned from it?

Marketing & Skill Building Questions
Who is your ideal client?
How do you attract your ideal client?
What types of marketing activities are generating the best results in your business right now?
What are 1-2 skills you’ve built that account for your success with your ideal clients?
How did you go about acquiring those skills?
What additional resources (books, seminars, websites) can someone go to get better at building this skill?

[Optional] Mindset & Motivation Questions
How do you stay motivated on a daily basis?
What does your average day look like?
What is your morning routine?
How do you decide what projects to take on and which to put on the back burner?
What’s the most influential book you’ve read recently?
What’s your next step in your business?


So you’ve recorded a call, you’ve downloaded or found the audio file on your computer.

Go to Fiverr.com and hire someone to edit your interview into a podcast for $5. There are tons of decent podcast editors on Fiverr, and for testing purposes you don’t need much.

Just have them them do a few things:

Trim the ends
Remove any obvious mistakes or profanity
Correct sound levels

You’ll want to give the editor notes on when the actual interview starts and ends plus any mistakes or profanity you want edited out. Mark it like this,”Interview starts at 4:52 and ends at 25:33, please remove the first question I asked at 15:10 – I stopped and rephrased the question.”

That’s it. The editor will send you a finished mp3 for $5.

Now you’ll need a place to “host” that mp3 so people can play it online or download it.

Grab a free account on Soundcloud.com. Don’t worry too much about branding or graphics. Just get an account up and running where you can upload that mp3 file. Once you upload the mp3 to Soundcloud you can share the interview mp3 link, both in email or by social media.

Publish & Promote

Start simple and send an email like this to your contact list in Gmail:


Friends, clients and colleagues,

I recently interviewed a fantastic business owner here in San Diego, and I think you’ll get a lot of value from it. The guest is John Smith, he’s a successful probate attorney.

[interview mp3 link]

In the interview he shares how he built his practice from the ground up, how he overcame some big challenges in his business, and some of the key books and resources that helped him.

One thing that really stood out to me was _______________________

Here’s the link again:

[interview mp3 link]

If you get something out of the interview, or you have a referral for John, let me know.

I’d love to send any business we can John’s way, I know he’ll take great care of them!

-Your name


Then post the Soundcloud link to every social network, especially Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you post to your personal Facebook account, and you’re friends with your interview guest, be sure to tag them in the post.

Evaluating Your Results

After you go through this process 2 or 3 times, sit down and ask yourself a few questions.

Did I enjoy the process of interviewing guests about their business?
Did I get positive feedback from the guest?
Did I get positive feedback from my database and social network?
Do I have an hour a week to commit to this form of marketing?
Is there any other form of marketing that would give me greater results for my one hour a week investment?
Can I commit to do this week in/week out for 6-12 months?
What if you don’t like the sound of your voice or you don’t feel comfortable interviewing guests?

We’re all in the same boat. No one is comfortable right away.

Interviewing is like lifting weights. If you do the reps, you’ll get better.

Want to see if podcasting is right for you?

Rather than doing all that yourself, we’ll help you interview a guest and turn your interview into a professional podcast episode – at no charge.

It’s the best way to see if podcasting is a good fit for you and your business.

Request a free consultation and we’ll get you started on your first interview.