There’s a concept in drumming called “playing through the drum.”

Some guys play “to” the drum, aiming their stroke to stop at the surface of the drum.

Master drummers “play through the drum,” almost aiming their stroke to hit several inches into the drum. It’s kind of a weird, esoteric thing but it totally works.

I noticed a huge jump in my technique and sound when I started playing through the drum. I got more natural stick rebound off the drumhead and, ultimately, a much better tone from the drum.

I apply that concept to my projects and meetings by asking myself a couple questions;

“If this goes well, what’s the next step?” or “Once this roadblock is removed, am I going to hit ground running?”  

By aiming “through” each meeting or project I end up seeing areas where I’m not prepared.

I can then fix those issues in advance.

When I do this consistently, every meeting is more effective, every task in a project is done with more intention and clarity, everything is done as part of a cohesive strategy.

I feel like this is where the compound effect kicks in, and I start to really build momentum.