There’s going to be opportunities for new speakers to get into the game if you’re aggressively going after speaking engagements nowIf you’re having to look over people’s shoulders, you’re a horrible leader or you’re hiring idiots. – Peter Winick

The psychology of live events facilitated emotional and impulsive buying, but 2020 has made this impossible, forcing businesses and thought leaders to shift the way we sell. Even before the pandemic, businesses that were based on selling at live events were struggling.

Because it’s now easier for people to buy products online, the peak emotional state that causes much of the selling at events is gone.

In a world where people are buying from their devices, how we sell and what we sell has to be packaged for the internet. This is the time to reinvent what we do, instead of waiting to resume what we did before. How we sell, and even how we measure success in our work and our marketing has to change.

What does it take to still be effective without the in-person aspect of events? How has 2020 shifted the meaning of a day’s work?


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In this episode, CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, Peter Winick returns to talk about how this year has impacted how we sell our products.

3 Things We Learned from Peter Winick

  • Why this is the ultimate time of outcome-driven, results-only work and transparency.
  • How 2020 has improved lead tracking, encouraged the ability to question spend and what’s generating ROI.
  • Why in-person high-dollar emotional buys are not aligned with the world we live in today.

Guest Bio-

Peter is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, and host of The Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast. He is an entrepreneurial-minded leader who leverages the power of internal and external relationships to accelerate growth within emerging and high-potential companies that have powerful intellectual property. His accomplishments include start-ups, turnarounds, and M&A (in the b2b services sector)—with results driven by practical strategy, focused execution, and a disciplined method of cost control. He has over twenty years of experience and has worked with a variety of thought leaders. He expertly leverages that along with his experience with such clients as IBM, Kraft, Microsoft, Avon, Hyatt and more. In addition, he has built and managed several consulting and professional development organizations.

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