Posting great, valuable content on LinkedIn isn’t going to change, that’s going to be evergreen. -Paul Higgins

As platforms like Facebook continue to drive down the results of organic traffic, LinkedIn has remained more consistent with what it takes to launch a personal brand, go to market and grow our reach.

It’s a platform that is well-suited to a strategy centered on valuable content and targeted outreach. Even as we scale our LinkedIn reach, this strategy can remain effective, and help us connect with people who want to pay for what we do.

What are the best practices for creating content on LinkedIn and outbound marketing efforts? Why is LinkedIn still so perfect for a purely content-driven strategy, not pay-to-play? What is the POSER Format for creating video content on LinkedIn?


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In this episode, high performance business mentor and coach Paul Higgings shares why he has doubled down on his LinkedIn marketing and getting 1 million views and 120 new clients in 8 months using his strategy.


3 Things We Learned from Paul Higgins


  • The 7 key elements to successful LinkedIn content and how Paul gets up to 30,000 views per post.
  • Creating consistency in our podcast format if we interview different types of people.
  • How Paul created an outbound LinkedIn targeting strategy that is evolutionarily stable.


Guest Bio-

Paul is a High-performance Mentor to coaches and consultants to build online businesses and lifestyles. He helps $1M-$10M Service-Based Businesses implement an end to end sales & operations system so they can increase their profit to fund their lifestyles.

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