When you’re 100% aligned and clear on your values, you create safety for your community. – Patrick Francey

The basis of any strong community is a feeling of safety and belonging, and an environment that allows people to be transparent and authentic. As thought leaders we often overlook that this sense of safety comes from the values of the community, and who we leave out of it by intention.

When we are crystal clear on our values, we’re able to organically attract people who buy into them and also naturally repel the people who don’t fit in with those values. It takes courage to own our leadership and the values of the community we want to create, but it’s necessary. Without the foundation of a strong value system, a community and culture can’t sustain itself long-term. How can we lead our communities more effectively by putting our values at the center of everything we do? How can we keep a sense of community afloat without live events?


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In this episode, I’m joined by CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network Ltd and host of the Everyday Millionaire podcast, Patrick Francey. We talk about what it takes to build a community and a culture that is led by values, and why that’s an important part of thought leadership.

Things We Learned from Patrick Francey

  • How Patrick and his organization initially broke into a crowded market and became MicroFamous.
  • How REIN’s shift to virtual events and a virtual platform set them up perfectly to capitalize on the COVID situation.
  • How they get that research into the hands of their members, including newsjacking.
  • How virtual events have actually allowed more introverted members to step up and get more involved than they would be otherwise.

Guest Bio-

Patrick is an educator, speaker, CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network Ltd and host of the Everyday Millionaire podcast. REIN provides guidance, support and strategic financial growth solutions for real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and a like minded community. Patrick is an established Canadian real estate investor and business owner for over 35 years, and an integral and driving force behind the vision, development and growth of the REIN community. He believes that every Canadian financial security, certainty and freedom and can achieve it through investing in real estate the right way.

For more information visit https://reincanada.com/ and email ceo@reincanada.com.

For more about Patrick’s podcast The Everyday Millionaire visit https://theeverydaymillionaire.ca/.