Professional video can also be authentic. When you write your script properly and have good delivery skills and you’re trained to be able to do it, you can do it well. -Pat Altvater

Credibility and authority indicators like books and podcasts are more within reach than ever before.

This means the bar of being seen as an expert in a market or niche is constantly being raised, and we need to be able to keep up. Every piece of content we put out, whether it’s a Live format or a professional video has to be able to build to add to our positioning as experts.

What credibility indicators are the audience using to decide who has authority? How do we utilize different video content to showcase our expertise and authenticity?


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In this episode, founder and owner of AFP Marketing, author, and publisher of Soar to Success Magazine, Pat Altvater talks about becoming known for video content and why both casual and professional video are necessary.

Things You’ll Learned from Pat Altvater

  • The three pillars required to be seen as an expert and to build authority today
  • The case for professional video in a world of super authentic video
  • Evergreen marketing assets and the power of being driven by getting results for clients

Guest Bio-
Pat is an agency owner, author, podcast host, publisher of Soar to Success Magazine.  She is a Marketing Planning, Video Production and Content Creation expert. She is an entrepreneur at heart and love working with others who are the same. I left corporate America 15 years ago and haven’t looked back. I was a Vice President of Sales for an accounting/budgeting software company when I decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship full time. Prior to that, I spent almost 20 years in education – teaching at the college level and working as a trainer for a corporate training business part-time.

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