People need the love, care and certainty that a coach provides now more than ever. -Nicky Bilou

There are many coaches who until now, have operated in the realm of personal networking, referrals and live events to generate demand for their service. The government-imposed lockdowns have turned this aspect of the business world upside down and the thought leader community is no different. 

It doesn’t have to spell disaster. This is actually the greatest time in history to pivot to online business. There are all kinds of ways to get online, the real issue is creating demand that translates to people signing up for what we have to offer. What does it take to accomplish that?


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In this special crossover episode, Nicky Bilou returns to talk about why this is the perfect time to pivot to online business and why that doesn’t mean starting an entirely new one.

3 Things We Learned from Nicky Bilou


  • Online is not a whole new business model, it’s just a new way to reach people
  • The importance of having a 1-2 sentence punch in the face statement of what makes you different
  • How to tap into the opportunity that has emerged because of the lockdowns


Guest Bio-

Nicky is a coach, speaker, podcaster and the founder of the eCircle Academy. Nicky has spent the last 20 years figuring out the mindset of champions. He has worked with athletes and entrepreneurs at the highest levels, from Olympic Gold to billionaires. Nicky will ignite your passion and push you to go further than you think possible.

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