Press releases are about branding and establishing your story value and how your unique selling proposition can stand apart in the marketplace. -Neal Sperling

Thought leaders with various intellectual interests find themselves in a space where they want to widen sales channels or head into another niche completely, but it can be challenging to go about this pivot the right way. 

There is a sequence that needs to be followed – a storytelling staircase of credibility and path to expand our reach and results. What are the systems, sequences and elements behind jumping into our next niche? What is the leveraged opportunity our guest sees in creating more value for people? 


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In this episode, senior-level business innovator, nationally recognized business strategist, world class problem solver, and connector, Neal Sperling shares where we need to spend time in a branding pivot. 

3 Things We Learned from Neal Sperling

  • The power of an anchor story
  • How to identify your next niche to expand your results
  • A 5-step process to gain clarity
  • Why we should spend 55min on the problem and 5 min on the solution

Guest Bio-
Neal is a nationally recognized influencer, public speaker, business strategist, world class problem solver, and connector. He is an acclaimed senior-level business innovator, consultant, entrepreneur, radio, podcast, and webcast commentator with multi-decade experience helping a wide variety of businesses and non-profit organizations to create, develop, implement consistently successful business strategies, marketing strategies, innovative branding, licensing, and outreach campaigns. He helps his clients forge new high level strategic relationships and partnerships – to substantially increase market share, reach, and results. For more information or to get in touch with Neal, visit and