Backend Solutions

Already have a podcast, webinar, Google Hangout series or some other type of show?

Take your show to a new level of professionalism with our Backend Solutions.

Already have staff doing this work?

Often we find that our systems allow us to do the work faster and more cost-effectively than in-house staff.

Best of all, delegating these time-consuming aspects of production frees up your staff for higher-value projects, like creating content to monetize your show.

Here’s how we can help:

Guest Booking & Preparation

You provide a list of specific Target Guests or an Ideal Guest Profile

We schedule a Prep Call with each potential guest

We prep the Guest for your recording process

We discover and refine the content for your interview

We write great interview questions for you

We build a detailed Calendar appointment for you and the Guest, featuring Guest Bio, key interview questions, online links and multiple reminders to prevent missed interviews

We handle any and all rescheduling

$150 per Guest

Episode Production & Promotion

You send us an audio or video file

We write a 300-500 word Show Notes article

We edit and optimize your podcast audio for iTunes

We create a video version for YouTube

We optimize the YouTube video with Show Notes and detailed tags to attract new subscribers

We send an Episode Promo Email to your database

We create shareable social media graphics and posts for each episode

We follow up to provide your guest with social media graphics and a Replay email they can forward to their database

$150 per Episode

All our Backend Solutions require a $300 Minimum Monthly Retainer.

We’re happy to talk through any ideas or questions you have about podcasting.
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