Events when done correctly, cut through the noise, accelerate the customer journey, and bridge the gaps between organizer, sponsor, and attendee. – Michelle Nicole McNabb

2020 has caused a massive upheaval in the world of events, but a lot of new opportunities are emerging as the industry explores new ways to deliver a great experience in a new world. 

It’s even more critical now for events to deliver a win-win for speakers, sponsors, sales teams, organizers and attendees. That means going beyond the event logistics and pinpointing what ROI looks like for everything involved. Now more than ever, events are a platform for accelerating shortening the sales cycles, driving partnerships and networking. 

What are the event trends that have emerged because of covid-19? How can we make sure virtual events can still be a platform for networking and relationship-building? Why should we opt for taking part in a virtual event instead of creating our own?


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In this episode, I’m joined by B2B Event ROI & Account-based Marketing Strategist, Michelle Nicole McNabb. We talk about what the developments of 2020 mean for speakers, authors, coaches and consultants.

3 Things We Learned from Michelle Nicole McNabb

  • The 6 foundations of a successful ROI-generating event
  • Why a strategic partnership pitch is more important than a sales pitch in today’s world of events
  • The one thing events will always have over Facebook or LinkedIn advertising

Guest Bio-

Michelle is a B2B Event ROI & Account-Based Marketing Strategist and owner of Emenee Marketing ‘n’​ Events. She works with marketing teams, sales teams, business owners and event coordinators to optimize trade show marketing and event sponsorship as effective campaigns.

For more information, visit, or find Michelle on YouTube.