If you’re warming up the right people, when you invite them in the next step is a no-brainer because it’s just continuing that conversation. -Michelle Evans

Most independent operators in the professional service space are taught to meet as many people as possible and get on sales calls with them. The problem is, without the right system in place all these efforts will fall flat. Why is it so important for us to have a sequence of steps to take people through before that call, and how does it solve the pitfals of selling to people cold? When we don’t set up a business funnel, how does it put our business at risk of instability? Why is it so powerful to send people a piece of content that speaks to our audience, and primes them for the sales conversation?

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On this episode, marketing funnel expert, Michelle Evans shares on the power of creating funnels, setting the stage for our offer the right way, and changing the energy and quality of our sales conversations.

3 Things We Learned from Michelle Evans

  • How Michelle went from 50 events, 1000 sales calls and 0 results in 9 months to over $60k in revenue by making one change to her business.
  • How Michelle uses the “How to Fascinate” Test to hone in our fascination advantages and sell to the right people.
  • The 4 steps for laying out the path to the sales conversation, and opening a dialogue about why our approach is different.

About our Featured Guest:
Michelle is a marketing funnel expert and strategist. She Helps online business owners go from simply surviving to SOLD OUT using the power of marketing funnels & Facebook ads.

Go to http://www.michellelevans.com/ for more information. Check out her podcast, The Marketing Funnel Show http://www.michellelevans.com/the-marketing-funnel-show/

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellelevans425/.

Find Out Which Funnel Will Work Best For YOUR Specific Business with Michelle’s free quiz. http://www.michellelevans.com/youx/

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