Expertise comes through repetition, pattern recognition and experience. -Max Traylor

The advent of the gig economy has dropped the perceived value of implementation, and as a result strategy is what clients are willing to pay us more money for. How did the barrier of entry for marketing services become virtually non-existent, and how is that impacting the agency model? If doing the task is no longer as valuable as before, how do we package the processes, strategies and planning that can allow us to charge more? What is genuine expertise, and how do we attain it?

On this episode, marketing advisor and strategist, author and coach Max Traylor shares on why clients are paying more for strategy, not implementation and how we can charge a premium from what we know.

3 Things We Learned from Max Traylor

  • The key question that allows us to raise our fees and charge for value, not just work
  • The limiting belief that’s at the heart of our inability to specialize
  • Proactive vs Reactive to opportunities

About our Featured Guest:

Max is the Director of Client Services at Innovative Marketing Resources, marketing and sales consultant, B2B Marketing Advisor, Coach and author of Content Marketers Blueprint. Helping Sales & Marketing Consultants Productize Their IP to Increase Income, Consistency & Personal Time.

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