If at any point the website visitor is confused or you’re making things to difficult for them, you’re not going to get the lead and you’re leaking sales. -Matt Inglot

The highest value work we can bring to the table is the application of marketing techniques to achieve a business goal. How did our guest level up his web design skills to actually create a valuable service clients are willing to pay top dollar for? What are some obvious but common mistakes we make with our websites, and how do we rectify them? How do we make sure website visitors understand the problem we’re trying to solve, see the clear path from the problem to the solution and act upon our call to action?

On this episode, shares on website conversions, and building a high-value service.

3 Things We Learned from Matt Inglot

  • The 2 reasons to pay a premium to our team members
  • 3 simple ways to adjust our website homepage to increase conversions
  • Why one-pager websites are awesome

About our Featured Guest:

Matt is the founder of Tilted Pixel Inc. and producer and host of the Freelance Transformation. Tilted Pixel is an agency Matt started while in college, they combine beautiful website design, detail-oriented website programming, and online marketing expertise to deliver awesome websites.

Follow @mattinglot on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattinglot/.

Check out his podcast, Freelance Transformation here https://freelancetransformation.com/blog/podcast and go to https://www.tiltedpixel.com/ to learn more about the agency.


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