I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing through the lens of relationships.

It’s a great diagnostic tool for solving a marketing problem.

For example: If I want more clients, I need more relationships, both on the sales side and the operations side.

(More relationships with prospects that lead to new clients AND more relationships with potential staff to handle those new clients.)

When I think of marketing in those terms, it gives me clarity.

It helps me step outside the natural selfishness of wanting to grow my business for my own gain.

Because if I’m in the relationship business, I need to be constantly adding value. I need to be more useful to more people.

If I don’t have enough leads, it’s because I’m not reaching out and forming enough new relationships.

If I have plenty of leads but they’re not converting, it’s because I’m not nurturing the relationship correctly.

Either way I can narrow down the source of the problem and have a better idea of how to solve it just by looking at the problem differently.