It’s the emotional content that provides us intrinsic motivation. Purposefulness yields incredible grit and determination. -Mark Green

No matter how much knowledge and information we have, if our motivators, our habits and beliefs aren’t aligned with what we want to achieve, there’ll be no progress. What are the symptoms of not being clear enough or having dug into our goals enough? How do we get to the emotional bedrock of why we’re doing something and how do our motivators flow directly into our actions? What is the difference between fearlessness and purposefulness, and how does it define the people with the grit and ability to put themselves where they need to be for maximum effect?

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On this episode, coach, speaker and author, Mark Green talks about how to get out of your comfort zone to impell yourself to grow, reframing our past and the key things that hold us back.

3 Things We Learned from Mark Green

  • How to ask powerful reframing questions to reshape your internal stories and beliefs
  • The only two ways to change
  • Why we should pick a mentor or coach who puts your ego at risk

About our Featured Guest:
Mark is a Speaker, Author, Business Growth Expert & Certified Coaching Partner. He is the founder and president of Performance Dynamics a company which helps business leaders implement a proven, easy-to-use framework to run and grow the firm faster and more profitably, while expending less effort and less time.

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