The tech giants all see that our homes are going to be directed by these devices and this is a way to get our marketing message out there. -Lindsey Anderson

The explosion in popularity of smart speakers like Alexa have birthed what promises to be the latest gold rush for marketers – Alexa Flash Briefings. The question every marketer, thought leader and agency leader has is what to convey in a minute that’s going to make an impact. What type of content works most effectively for this? How can we create bulk content for our briefings and when it comes to calls-to-action, what are the best practices?

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On this episode, Lindsey Anderson shares how Alexa Briefings can be very effective for content marketing, and why we should be considering jumping into them.

3 Things We Learned from Lindsey Anderson

  • What Alexa Briefings are & how people interact with them
  • Why its a potential gold rush for thought leaders and marketers
  • How to record content for daily briefings in just 4 hours a month

About our Featured Guest:
Lindsey is an author, speaker, podcaster, and digital marketing expert. She is the founder of Traffic & Leads and Smart Speaker Hub. Go to and check out her webinar on smart speaker marketing here

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