Ads are not a magical bullet, they just amplify what’s already there. Ads power up what you already have,  and if you have holes in what you’re doing, ads are going to amplify them. -Liana Lang 

In an influencer/thought-leadership business, the health of the operation is determined by us having a predictable, sustainable and sellable way to bring the right people into our email list. If our email list is flat, our whole business is flat.

A system that allows us to reliably grow our email list is critical, and Facebook advertising is a vehicle for getting opt-ins, sales and building our list.  

What are some of the tactics we can put in place quickly that can get us results? Why do we need to have a solid funnel before investing in ads?

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In this episode agency owner and Facebook ads expert, Liana Lang talks about how to keep our email list alive with advertising.

Things You’ll Learned from Liana Lang

  • Why we should be running Google Ads campaigns on our own names.
  • How we can identify our go-to audience to run ads to and put content in front of
  • How to train Facebook to get to know us better

Guest Bio-
Liana is a marketing expert, educator and founder of Power Up Strategy. Power Up Strategy was started by Liana Ling in 2012. After saying goodbye to a full time career as a litigation lawyer, she decided to channel her natural curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills to helping small business owners. Certified as a Tiger Quest Sales Coach and Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach, Liana and her team’s business and marketing expertise are at your service.

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