Travis Robertson made a great point Wed on Real Estate Uncensored.

To paraphrase him:

Rainmaker agents who make low six figures can’t delegate because they claim their clients won’t work with anyone else. They have to do virtually everything themselves. High six-figure agents break through that limiting belief and use leverage which allows them to exponentially grow their income.

So of course I want to dig deeper and ask, What’s behind that limiting belief?

My current thinking is that it’s a combination of fear and pride.

Fear is the easy one – we’re afraid of other people dropping the ball and upsetting our clients.

That can be solved with good systems and a little oversight.

That’s what I’m shooting for with Pursuing Results. A scalable, sustainable professional services firm that can run without my day-to-day involvement.

Some people never reach that point because they can’t set up good systems or keep good people long enough.

(Hopefully I don’t have this problem – so far so good).

But what happens when things start to run smoothly without you and you realize that you’re NOT essential to every aspect of your business?

That’s where we have a personal development challenge.

It’s up to us to overcome our pride and allow the business to serve our clients even if it makes us feel less special, less needed, less validated.