A message that sticks, sticks to your heart and not your head. -Leah Komaiko When it comes to crafting emotionally resonant and authentic content, nothing is as efficient at delivering an impactful story as children’s books are. Stories, even the ones behind businesses, are supposed to be delightful. If we craft our content with this in mind, along with generosity and simplicity, it changes how it impacts people. Simple and delightful stories are what make certain pieces of content popular and powerful enough to inspire and drive action. Why do simple stories work so well? How do we capture the emotion behind a brand so that the voice connects with people? How do we stay on the pulse of the needs of our audience?  

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In this episode, author, brand coach and consultant, Leah Komaiko talks about how simple storytelling can be when it comes from the right place.

3 Things We Learned from Leah Komaiko


  • How to avoid the trap of pivot fatigue in the corona crisis
  • Why generosity is a crucial part of effective storytelling
  • Listening closely to our audience vs. becoming our own content echo chamber

Guest Bio-

Leah is an author, brand coach and consultant. She works with a wide range of forward thinking entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, and some of the world’s biggest brands. Leah helps them light a clear and simple path back to their original genius and latest big idea.

For more information visit https://www.leahkomaiko.com/.