Start thinking about what you could build as part of your business that’s an asset. -Laura Posey

One of the biggest mistakes coaches and consultants make is never systematizing their work because they don’t intend to sell. Why is developing a methodology critical, whether we want to scale or not? What is the process of getting clear on what we really want between a coaching job and a coaching business?  Why is it so important to ask ourselves how many people we want around us?

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On this episode, Laura Posey talks about why we need to think of having a sellable asset within our coaching/consulting business, and how to do it.

Things We Learned from Laura Posey

  • The one key question that drives the right business model for you
  • The stages of selling your coaching and expertise
  • How to package your expertise into an online, DIY product that allows you to scale
  • Why selling a coaching business is nearly impossible

About our Featured Guest:

Laura is the founder and chief instigator of Simple Success Plans. Her team helps consultants and coaches build businesses that pay them a consistent six-figure income while providing a time and location flexible lifestyle.

For more information, go to or for more information and connect with Laura here

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