Until you get to that point in business, where you can create a microfamous status you won’t get anywhere. You need to speak what you stand for and people are going to be attracted to you and that works in every vertical. -Lars Hedenborg

A common misconception and limiting belief many coaches have is that selling a high ticket product requires us to have mass appeal and speak to everyone in the market. 

But achieving Microfamous status gives the ability to become highly successful while only having to speak to a small slice of the population within our ideal client audience. 

Saying the same message to the same market and staying consistent are the fundamentals of a Microfamous strategy, and it can give us more freedom and ease in our businesses even as we continue to grow. 

How do we move away from running a commodity business? Why is the idea of traditional success so limiting?


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In this episode, Real Estate B-School founder, Lars Hedenborg shares how he built two businesses that give him freedom, and why going after a small part of the market can actually make us more profitable.


Things You’ll Learned from Lars Hedenborg

  • How he runs two different 7 figure businesses while still having a great family lifestyle
  • How he positions himself in an industry saturated with coaching and limiting beliefs
  • The power of his podcast to nurture and convert prospects into ideal clients

Guest Bio-

Lars is a real estate business coach, trainer, thought leader and founder of two seven-figure businesses, Real Estate B-School and HPREA. He is also the host of The Business Freedom Podcast.