Remove yourself as the linchpin of the agency. -Kyle Racki

Agency growth and success is hindered when leaders fail to remove themselves as linchpins of the business. How does getting out of the way help the business and the staff grow? What skills transfer over from running an agency to a tech startups?

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On this episode, Proposify CEO, Kyle Racki who shares lessons he’s learned in his journey to growing his SaaS startup.

3 Things We Learned from Kyle Racki

  • How to avoid being the linchpin of your own company
  • How to reduce churn in a SaaS company
  • The hunting analogy that drives how Proposify goes after clients

About our Featured Guest:
Kyle is The CEO of Proposify, A Product That Helps Thousands Of Companies Improve Their Sales Workflow. He is a speaker and the host of LTV with Kyle Racki, and the author of Free Trials (& Tribulations): How To Build A Business While Getting Punched In The Mouth. For more information, go to

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