You can’t out-strategize a bad mindset, and you can’t out-hustle a bad strategy. –Kelly O’Neil

Most entrepreneurs design their business around generating revenue and they never think about profit, even though it’s what really matters. How do we design our businesses and lives around being profitable, and what are the two key questions we have to ask when we realize our businesses aren’t profitable? When people become too tactically focused, what are the fundamentals they easily lose sight of? What is the biggest downfall of the business mentorship landscape when it comes to choosing between strategy and tactic?

On this episode, entrepreneur, brand marketing strategist, and creator of The Profit-ology Process talks about why profitability is something we actually have to plan for and reverse engineer from the ideal result backwards; and why there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy.


3 Things We Learned from Kelly O’Neil

  • Profit-ology – a different way to do business – for the next gen of profit-preneurs
  • Constantly adapting and bending to the market is not leading them.
  • Plan for Profitability – how to reverse engineer the outcome you want

About our Featured Guest:

Kelly O’Neil is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, profit strategist and brand marketing expert for the next generation of innovative companies and thought leaders. Her mission is to help you strategically design and build a business that makes and keeps more money, create a scalable infrastructure and marketing automation plan that helps your company grow, while providing you with more time off and the opportunity to live a life from a place of choice using an innovative business process called Profit-ology™. Learn about the Profit-ology Philosophy Here.

For more information on Kelly, go to and follow her on Instagram and get in touch with her on Facebook.

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