The success of an agency hinges on its positioning. If it’s really strong, they can attract ideal clients, charge premiums, have great profit margins and a great team. –Kelly Campbell

Many people who do creative or professional service work struggle with paying to attention to who our competition and where we sit in the landscape. How does positioning create a cascading effect on how well we do? What are the smaller pieces of achievement that build toward profitability, and how does positioning fit into that? How can we build up the skill of learning a new industry very quickly? What are the 4 key questions that helps agencies zero in on their position in the marketplace?

On this episode, agency growth consultant, Kelly Campbell shares on how she helps agencies position themselves to become irreplaceable to ideal clients, worthy of charging premiums and profitable.

3 Things We Learned from Kelly Campbell

  • Why profitability is a direct result of positioning
  • How positioning starts with understanding yourself, your passions and ideal clients
  • Clients want experts and agencies who have a proven track record of success with other clients who look just like them

About our Featured Guest:

Kelly is an Agency Growth Consultant. She helps creative, media + tech agencies to scale up their businesses. She works with established agencies in the creative and tech industries, typically with $2-30MM in annual revenue, looking to transform and committed to investing in the significant growth of their organization.

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How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business

Right now your competitors are out there….

  • Getting featured on podcasts
  • Speaking on stages
  • Appearing on webinars, virtual summits and YouTube series

So when your prospects are thinking of a service like yours, are you the very FIRST name that comes to mind?

If not, you have a huge opportunity to pull in front. To be more visible, build more authority, create more credibility.

Podcast interviews.

If you know that podcast interviews will help you attract more clients, speaking opportunities, book sales and social proof, don’t let your competitors have all the fun!

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