Ideas come and go, but the right person can really make an idea happen and be able to move it forward. -Joshua Lee

The thing that makes it possible for us to escape the grind of entrepreneurship and live a more integrated life is finding the one way in which we are super valuable to the world in a leveraged way. What is the best way to find out what that superpower is?  Why is the idea of work-life balance too heavy for most of us, and how should we look at it instead? How does being part of a tribe help us through the isolation that comes with being an entrepreneur?

On this episode, Stand Out Authority President, Joshua Lee shares how he became an integrated entrepreneur and person, losing everything and starting over and the journey to getting into businesses that actually help people.

3 Things We Learned from Joshua Lee

  • The fastest way to uncover our X Factors
  • Why we should NOT want to be an entrepreneur for our entire life
  • Where pressure REALLY comes from (and what to do about it)

About our Featured Guest:

Joshua is the president and co-founder of Stand Out Authority. He is a strategic growth coach, helping individuals to scale themselves with their company so they do not scale themselves out of their company. Go to for more information and Grab Joshua’s book: Balance in Bullsh*t

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