Being a person of integrity and leaning into our word gives us the confidence and willingness to be authentic. – Jonathan Miller

The essence of driving change as coaches is delving into how someone communicates with and leads themselves, because that impacts how they show up in every area of their lives.

Our limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns are not situational, they are always present. They stem from our own self-image and self-communication, and amplify or get in the way of our self-leadership. Having the awareness to notice how we talk to ourselves is an important part of transforming our self-perception.

Why does coaching fall short when it doesn’t consider a person’s inner communication patterns? How can we become more authentic by changing how we speak to and lead ourselves?


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In this episode, communication expert and high-performance coach Jonathan Miller discusses mindful communication and how his own personal self-discovery led to his coaching practice.

3 Things We Learned from Jonathan Miller

  • The power of the internal drive of a transformative life experience.
  • Why communicating to convince or manipulate is inauthentic and therefore ineffective at causing any behavioral change.
  • How mindful communication is a state of being.

Guest Bio-

Jonathan is a communication expert, high-performance coach, conflict transformation specialist and podcast host. He helps high performers master communication skills so that they act powerfully in the face of conflict in their business and in life. For more information and to get the FREE 4-part video training series on transforming conflict visit

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