What I figured out was it wasn’t so much about the culture, it wasn’t so much about the meetings, it’s about the talent. -John Elston

Many business leaders struggle to embrace remote workers because they fear a weakening of their culture if their people can’t show up in-office. Why is it more about the talent and a lot less about the culture and having a specific location? Why was John Elston first resistant to the remote revolution and what was the learning experience that made him shift to a decentralized office? How do we build a sustainable business on remote workers with a long-term vision? What are the key ingredients for being a good remote worker?

On this episode, remote team leader and author of The Remote Revolution, John Elston shared what’s driving the location-independent explosion and why he believes in it so strongly.

3 Things We Learned from John Elston

  • How to run a virtual team of the best talent – from anywhere in the world.
  • Why John DE-centralized his entire agency and told his 20 employees to start working from home.
  • How Gig team -people are finding each other and forming teams that we can hire to do specific things.

About our Featured Guest:

John is a hotelier, social media expert, entrepreneur and the bestselling author of The Remote Revolution: How the Location-Independent Workforce Changes the Way We Hire, Connect, and Succeed, which reveals how you can find and hire more A-players to work for your company.

Learn more about Yo!Dog Marketing or connect with John on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnelston/.


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