Many thought leaders who become known for one thing and build authority around that get to a point where they want to pivot and relaunch in a new direction. The process of relaunching, of becoming MicroFamous for something different brings new challenges and opportunities.

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What are some of the considerations we need to make in pivoting, and how will it impact our original audiences? On this episode, international best-selling author, speaker, podcaster and author, Jay Campbell shares on the journey of pivoting into more heart-focused, purpose-driven work.

3 Things We Learned from Jay Campbell

  • Why he’s repositioning his knowledge to a broader audience
  • Putting a greater mission and purpose behind his expertise
  • Why high vibrational repels the masses and helps you build an insanely engaged, savvy and knowledgeable audience

Guest Bio-
Jay is an entrepreneur, international best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, author and biohacker. He is the host of the Jay Campbell Podcast. Follow @trtexpert on Twitter or send an email to

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