When you specialize, you’ll find it’s easier to get work and you get work faster and you do better work because you’re iterating, learning and improving every time you do the project. -Jason Klein

When we craft our services the biggest mistake many of us make is trying to sell to everyone, instead of specializing. How does specializing help us refine what we do and get better with each client? How do we balance the need for new creative and intellectual challenges with staying super-focused in our micro-niche? How does being the facilitator of sharing ideas actually help us.

On this episode, Brandiose co-founder, Jason Klein shares how his agency got into the minor-league sports branding niche, and why being over-specialized is the true secret to growth, improvement and finding the right work with a lot more ease.

3 Things We Learned from Jason Klein

  • Finding a creative outlet when we’re focused on our niche
  • The X Factors Brandiose is built around, and how they divide roles
  • What makes a brand that people really connect with and feel like they can belong to

About our Featured Guest:

Jason Klein is the co-founder and partner of Brandiose Ops. Inc, a leader in the sports branding space. He started the company in college with his childhood best friend, Casey White. Brandiose is the creative team behind logos, mascots and assorted images for Minor League sports teams across the country. Jason and his partner Casey are also speakers who have brought their unique entrepreneurial perspective and exciting approach to storytelling to Google and college campuses.

Go to https://www.brandiose.com/ for more information or connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasoneklein/.

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