It’s a matter of getting certain about what you want and knowing that the answers that are right for you are inside of you. -Jake Jorgovan

One of the biggest shifts we have to make as entrepreneurs is trusting that the answers for what direction to take are within us, instead of constantly trying to find the answers externally. How can we work on getting clear on that? How does a coach help us through this, and why do we need the outside voice and lens of someone else? Why are podcasts so effective for building relationships?

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On this episode, Lead Cookie founder and host of the podcast, Working Without Pants, Jake Jorgovan shares on why referral partnerships are key in building our businesses, the power of coaching and mentorship, and the path he’s taking with his business.

3 Things We Learned from Jake Jorgovan

  • How Jake’s personal brand generated 68% of his agency clients
  • How business coaching allowed him to overcome self-sabotage tendencies
  • What Jake is looking to hand off to break through to another level

About our Featured Guest:
Jake is an entrepreneur, Creative Strategist and Outbound Creative. He is the founder of Lead Cookie & Content Allies, as well as the host of the podcast, Working Without Pants. Lead Cookie helps B2B sales teams generate leads on Linkedin through done-for-you prospecting.

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How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business

Right now your competitors are out there….

  • Getting featured on podcasts
  • Speaking on stages
  • Appearing on webinars, virtual summits and YouTube series

So when your prospects are thinking of a service like yours, are you the very FIRST name that comes to mind?

If not, you have a huge opportunity to pull in front. To be more visible, build more authority, create more credibility.

Podcast interviews.

If you know that podcast interviews will help you attract more clients, speaking opportunities, book sales and social proof, don’t let your competitors have all the fun!

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