One of my friends has an amazing office space. It has beer taps and coffee in the kitchen, flat screens everywhere, booths and workstations for all his staff.

It looks awesome, but to an introvert, it looks VERY people-ey. Introverts don’t have unlimited energy to be social, and that’s why I have a team where everyone works from home.

I built a system around what allows me to be myself, while still leading my team effectively and getting results for clients.

Here are the keys I’ve found to managing a team as an introvert.

Weekly Meetings
We are relentless about our weekly meetings. I’ve talked to my Head of Content in South Africa nearly every week for 3+ years. She also runs the weekly meeting, so if I’m traveling the meetings roll on without me. Numbers are reported, contingencies are planned for, systems are improved, all due to the weekly meetings.

All key staff on this simple walkie-talkie app, it makes communication super fast. (And yes, we’ve tried Slack. Not a fan.) We try to limit email use to communicating with clients, not each other.

Clear lines of command
This comes straight out of Extreme Ownership. No one has two bosses. It’s crystal clear who reports to who. Our key team members are also directly involved in the hiring process, even some going so far as to train their replacement so they can take on new roles.

Metrics-based expectations
Everything in the agency is either a system or a project. And once something is a system, I can put a metric on it. Team members know the one key metric they are responsible for, or supporting the rest of the team to hit.

That’s how I protect my energy so I can put it where it matters most – marketing.


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