One of today’s topics on Real Estate Uncensored is zeroing in on your perfect niche.

I think people are afraid to go after a specific niche for a few reasons:

1. They are afraid to miss out on business outside that niche
2. They are afraid of telling people no
3. They are afraid of defining themselves by that niche

We can reduce the 1st fear by cultivating more abundance – more leads, more opportunities, more ideal clients.

We can reduce the 2nd fear by simple repetition. The more you (politely) tell people no, the easier it gets.

But the 3rd fear is really interesting because it goes to our identity.

Defining our niche also defines us.

If we get our niche right, and it aligns with our identity, it ignites energy and enthusiasm for our business.

We love our clients, we love the results we get for them, and we feel a sense of purpose.

If we get it wrong, everything gets harder.

We lose our energy and enthusiasm.

We don’t love our clients, we don’t love the results we get for them, and don’t feel a sense of purpose.

I choose to help entrepreneurs, speakers and consultants in part because that’s how I see myself.

Who I speak to and who I help is a direct reflection of who I am.

So it’s worth thinking this through very carefully.