The image many have of an entrepreneur is an individual who is juggling too many things and is busy to the point of having way too much on their plate, but is this a healthy model to aspire to? On this episode of Pursuing Results, Matt and Greg speak with real estate investor and podcaster Matt Aitchison about the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and how stripping down can actually give us so much more in life.

Your life by is design unless you choose it not to be, and if you don’t say yes or no to the right things you’re letting someone else design your life by default.   Matt Aitchison

The podcast launches with an intro of Matt and some details about who he is and what he does. Matt Johnson introduces the book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Book by Greg McKeown, which the guest Matt A. says led him to a very different path. His goal was to build wealth and always be profitable but also maintain a quality of life and the ability to do what matters. The book taught him that bigger wasn’t always better and after a working life of chasing goal after goal he found that he was losing his luster and that forced him to reevaluate.

He decided that he wanted to be his highest and best self at what was most fulfilling to him and that meant being honest about was his own end goals were. That meant having an honest conversation with his partner. Greg asks Matt A. what it was like to have that conversation, and he says what made a difference was that he and his partner had always been honest with each other. “The relationship is the conversation, whether it’s the conversation you are having or the conversation you aren’t having.”

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Just because you’re saying no, doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate that person or that opportunity.
  • Successful people are intentional and ruthless about how they spend their time
  • The relationship is the conversation. Every conversation you have or don’t have will end up dictating the direction of your relationship

The co-hosts and guest also discuss the amount of caution that must be paid when it comes to entering a partnership. It only works when people want to walk to the same place and the same page. When it came to refocusing, Matt A. says he was passionate about wealth building and decided real estate was his vehicle. He used that as the basis of designing his life as opposed to having a life designed by the expectations of others. He learned the art of the graceful no and holding onto one’s own standards.

The chat winds down with a discussion of entrepreneurs being too attached to being busy, and the ego that drives that. Matt A. states that there’s much more to life than reaching a certain level. Ultimately, it’s important to be able to inspire people to be much better than they were the day before and that’s what essentialism comes down to – focusing on what’s necessary, important and most fulfilling.

People tend to over-value a lot of the non-essentials in life and the book Essentialism aims to help entrepreneurs strip down to what adds the most value to their lives. In a culture where being busy is romanticized, aim for sustainable entrepreneurship to avoid burning out and robbing yourself of the relationships, opportunities and moments that make life something exciting to wake up to each day.

Guest Bio

Matt Aitchison is the CEO and President of Vault Investment Properties, a Sacramento based real estate investment company. The company redevelops homes and neighborhoods through win-win opportunities via real estate investments throughout the community. Matt also hosts a podcast called Millionaire Mindcast. To find out more or listen to episodes go to

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