There are so many talented entrepreneurs who have excellent methods at their fingertips, but they find themselves left behind in the industry. What holds these people back and keeps them from building businesses that deliver consistent clientele and income? This week we tap the brain of Vyral Marketing’s Frank Klesitz who gives us insight into building a scalable sales and marketing system that works.

What holds back a lot of professional service firms is the transfer of knowledge, so systematizing the expertise at the top saves time.   -Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz started working in real estate straight out of college and he quickly learned the importance of building a database and staying in touch with it. That’s what led him to starting Vyral Marketing, which began with the question of whether it’s possible to scale sales and marketing. At the beginning, Frank was juggling four different roles in his company – coaching, prospecting, doing sales presentations and all the account executive work, which he realized was not sustainable or scalable because it’s impossible to do all those roles well at the exact same time. “If you had to do it yourself, there’s no money in it.”

He realized that growing his business would come down to putting other people in the roles that would help it grow. He hired a lead follow up and account executives and built up incredible target prospect lists which created the demand for the work.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Your number one asset is your database. Build it and communicate with it constantly and consistently.
  • If there is no information flow problem in your company, value is delivered to the client
  • If you want to scale up the business, you have to specialize the roles.

The important thing for Frank, was building the system behind the work and marketing method. The biggest change Frank made to the business was shifting the marketing messaging away from himself to the larger company. He shifted to make the messaging about the success of his clients and not himself. Frank decided to untether himself from the marketing messaging so that the clients could be more interested in what the company can do for them. The lesson he learned is that scaling up is only possible once you’ve specialized the sales roles.

There are three things that are important in the work Vyral Marketing does and that is seeds, nets and spears. To boost your seeds, invest in account managers who make sure the client is successful. This is how you start to get the referrals. Your seeds are a gamble but they are also quickly scalable so put effort in them. Vyral Marketing partners with coaching services as well as entrepreneurs and professional services companies to reach their clients and customers. These are people who will most likely spend money on the Vyral Marketing service.

When it comes to hiring and staffing the firm, you don’t want to hire A players you won’t be able to replace. You take on people who are motivated and possess the behavior model for the position. This is a person, straight out of college you can train up in up two weeks and have them running with the system. The people you hire to create the leads should be successfully identifying opportunities and giving your business 10-15 solid opportunities per month. Before you start hiring people you have to have cultivated the database and built up equipped leads and then you can start by hiring two people part time to take over. You are looking for a business person who can confidently sell and have intelligent conversations about your business and the system you created.  Once your system is developed, aim to get 500 people following it, then 1000 people and work up to 10 000 clients so you’ll have ownership of different industries.

Aim to create consistent, scalable and reliable income. Developing a solid system makes this kind of income possible. Learn to scale up a system that works, train your employees and make it as deliverables based as possible. Relinquish your ego in the process and remember that your aim should be to hold the message and not the relationship.

Guest Bio

Frank is an entrepreneur, marketer, coach and real estate investor who built the company Vyral Marketing which serves a wide range of professional services companies around the country. For more information on what Vyral Marketing can do for your business visit

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