Last week I met with one of our podcast viewers to flesh out some of his marketing ideas.

As we talked through some of the issues, I found myself explaining something I don’t think I’ve consciously thought of before.

He had a good idea of what he wanted to do. He had even started laying out a plan.

But in each step of his plan there were 1 or 2 little things that were tripping him up. Little data points of fear and uncertainty.

Some technical question, some ambiguity, some fear or apprehension at a certain task.

Whatever the cause, it dawned on me that just a few little data points can keep us from moving forward.

Now that I’m more aware of that fact, whenever I feel that apprehension about moving forward, I can look for those little data points.

If I can isolate them and bring them into the light, I can figure out an answer to them, one by one.

I can eliminate that fear and uncertainty and then move forward with my full energy and intensity.