Tony Robbins talks a lot about decisions.

Besides the applications to improve my life, I’ve been trying to increase my focus on decisions in business.

In various situations I’m asking myself, “What decisions do we have to make to keep moving forward?”

Here are a couple simple areas where I’m working on decisions:

1. New Podcast Client Launch Process

We do a Weekly Update Call during the Launch, where we update clients on our progress and make sure we have everything we need.

I looked at each of our Update Calls and the information needed for the next stage of Launch.

I narrowed that information down into key decisions we need the client to make.

So every time I have an Update Call, I pull up my Launch Process document with all those decisions listed. I can cover exactly the information the client needs to make those key decisions.

2. Management Meetings

Several ventures I’m involved in require group management meetings. Information is shared and tasks are assigned, but it’s tempting to push decisions down the road.

So I’m working on outlining the decisions we can potentially make in each meeting.

My theory is that focusing on decisions will bring clarity to both of these processes.

What are the key decisions —> what info do we need to make the decision —> present that information—> make the decision.