The biggest barrier in overcoming our mental barriers is the belief that change is difficult and must take a long time. – Erin Pheil

For so many people what holds them back from success aren’t the external circumstances. What gets in their way are the fundamental, deep-seated beliefs and patterns they’ve been clinging to that are hurting them. How did our guest today shift these beliefs rapidly, and then turn that into a system that helps other people?  What is the biggest barrier to people believing in the rapid transformation? How does our lens of how we see the world affect the experiences we have?


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On this episode, speaker, mindset coach and founder of The MindFix Group, Erin Pheil shares how she overcame her mental roadblocks, and why great change can happen in an instant. 

3 Things We Learned from Erin Pheil 

  • How to develop a program that mirrors human behavior instead of fighting against it. 
  • Getting clients to agree to our beliefs before we even start working with them. 
  • How to quickly and effectively overcome the beliefs that hold us back. 


Guest Bio-
Erin is a speaker, mindset coach and founder of The MindFix Group. She helps high achievers and entrepreneurs rapidly and effectively get over their mental barriers and challenges that are holding them back. Erin has a track record of getting lightning fast results for her clients—and, the results are permanent. Her work and words have been featured in books, magazines, podcasts, webinars, newspaper columns, and events and conferences, and she’s given keynote talks and presentations on instincts and human behavior. Her Signature Program has an unheard of 95.6% success rate, and the average time it takes her clients to see measurable results in areas they’ve been stuck in for years… is just 10 days. For more information, visit or