In order to engineer influence, you don’t want everything in the marketing of your business to depend on trading time for money. – Matt Johnson

Thanks to a social media landscape built around extroverts, it’s been drilled into our heads that attention is the goal and that it automatically converts into sales.

But attention doesn’t magically translate into a demand for our services. Many people who generate tons of attention can’t figure out how to get people to buy from them.

Attention should not be the desired outcome of our marketing. What we should be after is being influential to the right people…without being glued to our phones.

1. Understand How Influence is Built.

Authority, Visibility and Relationships are the building blocks of influence, the basics of the system we are engineering.

One of the core beliefs of MicroFamous is that attention does not convert into sales automatically. There is a gap and most people try to fill that gap with skills. That leads them to more work, more complexity, more commitments.

So why build influence instead of more skills?

2. Uncover a Clear & Compelling Idea

To engineer influence online, we must start with a Clear & Compelling Idea.

Our Clear & Compelling Idea is what we will become known for. It’s what we do and why we’re different, expressed in a way that’s razor-sharp clear to the right people and compels them to take action.

3. Publish content aimed at the 3 building blocks of influence, Authority, Visibility and Relationships.

Our content must be designed to attract an audience, build trust and change our audience’s beliefs over time.

We need to publish content consistently, methodically, relentlessly…but without being glued to social media all the time.

Why? Because to engineer influence, we need leverage.

Our system can’t be based on trading time for money with endless live videos, or Stories that disappear in 24 hours, or being engaged in 5 different places online.

We need a system that allows us to create long-form content, that’s easy to create, which can then be broken up into chunks for social media. MicroFamous is that system.

4. Optimize the system – Resist the pressure to turn our newfound free time into new commitments, especially to new social media tactics.

Focus on tweaking the system. Create space to think strategically and make small tweaks that can deliver big results.

The goal at this point is to just keep improving the system that’s putting your Clear & Compelling Idea in front of the right people.

If you have the right Idea for the right people, you will cut through the Noise, you will draw people into your audience, you will change their beliefs, and you will become known for your Clear & Compelling Idea.

That’s how you engineer influence in the online world, without being glued to your phone.


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