I think services like coaching are very important in helping society get steered in the right direction around how we interface with technology. -Dr. Alex Pascal

As the world has become more a complex place to work and live, coaching has become more necessary at the enterprise level. What kind of marketing and metric tracking would decision makers in the space respond to, and why has coaching become an employee benefit? What changes will the infiltration of coaching in companies bring to both the coach, and the enterprise? How do we marry data and the human element to create a coaching service that is scalable, sellable and still effective enough for each individual? How can we standardize coaching practice?

On this episode, Dr. Alex Pascal, shares on the future of coaching, how coaches can specialize and stand out in a crowded space and how we can craft our coaching to fit the needs of Fortune 500 companies.

3 Things We Learned from Dr. Alex Pascal

  • What it takes to sell coaching to Fortune 500 companies
  • How the perception of coaching is massively shifting (and why it’s a good thing for coaches)
  • The two types of measurable benefits coaches can deliver to enterprise companies

About our Featured Guest:

Alex Pascal, PhD is the CEO and founder of CoachLogix. He is a versatile entrepreneur and executive coach. Alex is passionate about the convergence of human capital management & technology. He founded CoachLogix with the goal of transforming the way executive coaching is implemented across the globe. CoachLogix enables Fortune 500 companies, coaching providers, and professional coaches to deliver more efficient and impactful coaching initiatives by leveraging a cutting edge SaaS platform.

For more information, go to http://coachlogix.com or email alex@coachlogix.com.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexpascal/.

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