Clients want less to get more, they don’t want the long version of things. – David Finkel

Many coaches/consultants believe our clients need understand the abstract concept behind the action we want them to take. Yet the fact is, the more information we give people the less action they take. How has information overload literally changed the game in coaching/consulting? How do we distill abstract concepts, big ideas and broad strokes down so someone can actually take the actions that get them  results? How do we build momentum in our business while staying flexible to changing conditions?

In this special episode, Maui Mastermind CEO, and co-author of Scale, David Finkel talks building an expert system, and distilling and refining our expertise into simple systems.

3 Things We Learned from David Finkel

  • How to use simple tools and limited concepts to get people to act and get RESULTS.
  • How to develop the muscle of letting go and trusting someone else to do a task we think only we can do well.
  • Plus, the simple weekly rhythm that frees up 6-12 hours of David’s schedule to focus on the magic 1% of activities the generates over 50% of results.

About our Featured Guest:

David is the CEO and Founder of Maui Mastermind. He is the Wall Street Journal and Business Week best-selling author of 11 business and financial books, including co-authoring (with Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder the wildly successful, SCALE: 7 Proven Principle to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back (Penguin Random House). Maui Mastermind®, one of the world’s premier business coaching companies, helps businesses in the $1-50 million range build their companies and get their lives back. David’s clients enjoy an average annual growth rate five times higher than the average privately held company in the U.S. while at the same time increase their companies’ “Owner Independence” by an average of 194.5%. Over the past 20 years, David and the other Maui coaches and advisers have personally started and scaled companies with an aggregate value of $63 billion. Go to for more information, or to download a free digital version of his latest book, Build a Business, Not a Job.

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