In a world of sell, sell, sell it seems almost counter-productive to change the business model and build a structure that puts more power in the hands of the customer. So why are so many agents adopting this approach? What are the true benefits of becoming an entrepreneur driven by providing value and rather than closing the deal? Greg and Matt chat to Greg Harrelson and discuss the key takeaways from Chet Holmes’ book The Ultimate Sales Machine.

You can train people by being the best you can be in demonstrating your own craft in real life situations and just letting them observe.  -Greg Harrelson

Greg Harrelson is a Myrtle Beach based business owner who happens to be in real estate. With 23 years of industry and expertise in marketing automation Greg shifted his business model after realizing he was doing well but couldn’t sustain that for a full career. Leverage is at the center of his big mind shift. “I might have a talent that I could leverage myself, but I’m not going to be able to leverage my own talents inside the grind. Maybe I have intellectual assets which I’m not using.”

On the subject of leverage he also adds the importance of leveraging the assets around you and leveraging everyone else. “You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room just around the smartest people. If you want something you have to pull it out of someone else.”

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Leverage the people around you and don’t afraid to be leveraged
  • Not trusting someone won’t do it as well as you do is inauthentic, the truth is that there’s a fear of relinquishing control.
  • Gravitate towards taking the risk of switching from being a closer to a person who delivers value.
    The size of your database isn’t the size of your audience. Your audience are the ones who open and engage with your mail

It’s important not to hold onto things longer than necessary just for the purpose of having a sense of security and control. The lower value tasks that often fill our plates take us away from high value tasks that produce the most profit.

Greg introduces the points from The Ultimate Sales Machine he has applied to his own business. These include;

  • Systemically turning people from strangers into acquaintances and into advocates
  • Not asking for things in a sale but rather delivering value
  • Being a giver and letting the law of reciprocity take place
  • Delivering a quality product that delivers value
  • Creating a safe space for potential clients to be transparent with you
  • If there’s a slight hint of interest, it’s all about identifying motivation (what’s important to the client and their true motivation for doing something)
  • Education based market and the art of building a dream list of people you want to work with

Once an agent shifts from away from the “always be closing” model towards the delivery of value, it allows for them to truly put their intellectual assets to work and let the client take the decision to step towards them, which ultimately empowers the agent. It’s a huge risk, but one that pays off for the agent who is interested in discovering the true motivation of the customer and leveraging their skills to make it happen.

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Guest Bio

Greg has been selling real estate for over 20 years, whose team is consistently the top performing in the Myrtle Beach area. To get in touch with Greg and learn more about his business go to

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