Keeping it simple and having that understanding of how to convey that empathetic message to a potential customer is what we preach. -Darren Magarro

One of the biggest mistakes digital agency owners make is thinking we can get away with not having a dialed in message because we aren’t in traditional marketing. Why is it so important for us to develop a strong, concise and empathetic message, and what can traditional marketing teach us about that? How do we generate the right traffic for our clients instead of generating traffic for the sake of bragging rights? How can we ensure that we have trust, leverage and options when it comes to our client relationships?

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On this episode, founder and president of DSM Group, Darren Magarro shares on bridging the gap between traditional marketing and digital marketing, and creating a tribe atmosphere with our teams and clients.

3 Things We Learned from Darren Magarro

  • The value of community: finding and building a tribe that goes with you on your business journey.
  • How Darren built a powerful USP around communication and integration.
  • Why Darren preaches KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – and how that level of focus and simplicity from traditional media drives their digital strategy.

About our Featured Guest:
Darren is the founder of President at DSM, a full-service marketing agency which he created in 2007 with the hope of creating that puts clients first. Darren was trained in media strategy and buying during his 7+ years working at many big New York agencies for clients such as Toyota Motor Sales, Verizon Wireless, Boston Beer and Puma. DSM was recently featured in the Inc 5000 list.

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