Even when we’re not in peak state, the plan will get us there. –Dallas Hardcastle

Many of us stumble over and struggle with coming up with what our X-factor is. What questions and activities will help us effectively pull these superpowers out into the light? How do we bring forth our truest, greatest, most potent self and how does this aid in coming up with our big strategies? How do we make sure the major strategic breakthroughs we have in our peak state won’t slip away or become too intimidating when we get back to equilibrium? Why is it so powerful to plug into a daily rhythm of actions that push us towards our goals?

On this episode, business experience acceleration specialist and coach, Dallas Hardcastle, shares on discovering our most potent value offering and exploding our results.

3 Things We Learned from Dallas Hardcastle

  • The Power of ONES – Getting better results from fewer tactics.
  • Dallas’ absolute formula for massive success.
  • How to engineer a Value Bomb – a profitable Primary Offer that attracts ideal clients, removes objections & forms the basis of a successful business.

About our Featured Guest:

Dallas is a Business Experience Acceleration Specialist. He is the founder of IntoGreat Training, the Creator of Total Unlimiter and The Owned Experience Live. He helps entrepreneurs, consultants, sales professionals and coaches to create Mammoth Movements in their businesses and lives.

Go to https://dallashardcastle.com/ for more information or connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dallashardcastle or follow him on Twitter @DallasN2Great.

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