Overcome anxiety by uncluttering the mind and getting out of your head. This is really the most important thing that is applicable to an entrepreneur at any stage of the game. -Craig Ballantyne

As entrepreneurs it often feels like our minds are filled with fragmented and chaotic ideas, which can create inaction or even anxiety. How can we mitigate this anxiety with our daily routines? How can we enlist our unconscious to help us in the decision making process? Why do we need to spend more time in non-urgent but important activities, and how do we prepare for that the night before?

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On this episode, entrepreneur and author of The Perfect Day Formula, Craig Ballantyne shares on the unconscious power of the mind, overcoming entrepreneurial anxiety, and using podcasts to market his books.

3 Things We Learned from Craig Ballantyne

  • Craig’s book launch strategy that sold 30k copies and 5k kits
  • Lessons and marketing strategies Craig is bringing to his next book launch
  • How to use scripts and brain dumps to overcome anxiety as an entrepreneur

About our Featured Guest:
Craig is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of  five books, including “The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life.” To find get his latest book, “Unstoppable: How to Get Through Hell, Overcome Anxiety, and Dominate in Business and Life” go to http://beunstoppablebook.com/. Follow him on Instagram @realcraigballantyne and email craig@godfather.com. Check out Craig’s podcast, The Empire Show, here http://empirepodcast.libsyn.com/.

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