It’s not just about the content we’re putting out. It’s our ability to cohesively put it together and present it in a way that is believable, efficient, and earns the audience’s respect. -Colton Bollinger

A lot of us have a lot of high level things to say that people would be interested in, but we struggle to package it in an engaging and compelling way for platforms like Instagram. What value component is make or break for a social media campaign management business? How do we find that X-factor we can easily create and can be done on a frequent enough basis to add value to our audience? How do thought leaders find the balance between what we want to talk about and what people want to hear from us?

On this episode, Jumper Media CEO and co-founder Colton Bollinger talks about building visual social proof as a thought leader, creating a compelling package for a visual audience, and finding opportunities in your environment to boost your social proof.

3 Things We Learned from Colton Bollinger

  • The two types of content experts need to post on Insta to grow a following
  • How Colton grew from a 3-man operation to 40+ employees in under 2 yrs
  • Keys to selling additional services to successful clients to maximize profit

About our Featured Guest:

Colton is Digital Marketer & Content Creator, co-founder and CEO of Jumper Media, and an Advertising, Content Management & Social Media Strategy Expert.

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