When we hire someone, everyone on our team has to agree that it’s someone they want to work with, but they also have to be someone they would be comfortable working under one day. – Chris Martinez

As more people enter the remote workforce, the people we’re going to hire on our teams are going to be younger. Because they come from a different generation, determining whether they are a personality and cultural fit requires us to adapt how we interview them and what we need to be looking for.

When our teams are completely virtual, what works in-person doesn’t always translate to a remote environment. What are things we need to put an emphasis on in our leadership and team culture? How can we gain insight on how our younger team members think and what they value?


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In this episode, founder and CEO of The DUDEAgency, Chris Martinez shares insights on running a remote agency and leading a younger workforce.


3 Things We Learned from Chris Martinez

  • The personal, sociological and cultural factors that make the younger generation different in the workforce.
  • Steps we can take to make sure we’re hiring the right people virtually.
  • The key question we need to ask when determining if a candidate is the right fit for our teams.

Guest Bio-

Chris is the founder and CEO of DUDEAgency. DUDEAgency helps digital agencies take on more clients and scale up with flat-rate, unlimited web design and development using their team in Tijuana, MX. Chris’ professional resume spans a wide range of work environments from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, but deep inside he always knew that he was an entrepreneur at heart.

For more information, visit https://dudeagency.io/