It’s really about finding a theme you’re passionate about and unlocking that, and once that’s unlocked, you can authentically connect with anyone. –Brooke Elder

For a lot of entrepreneurs it’s hard to connect the things we love talking about and the conversations we have with the product or service we’re offering. How do we make the transition from a genuine connection into something that generates demand for what we sell? Why is it impossible to effectively sell if we only go surface level or one level deep with our conversations with people? How do we tap into and reinforce the internal belief system in the value of our superpowers?

On this episode, marketing strategist and MLM expert, Brooke Elder shares flipping the MLM model on it’s head, using it as tool, how she turned her passion into a business, and blending direct sales so that the conversations and connections we will actually lead people into our funnel.


3 Things We Learned from Brooke Elder

  • How to connect with people on a deep level
  • How to show people how your product helps them get what they really, deeply want
  • Keys to expanding from a very small niche into a larger one

About our Featured Guest:

Brooke is marketing strategist and founder and CEO of Social Tenacity. She has over 10 years of experience in direct sales. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, network marketers, and bloggers build their business online and take them to the next level. She is a master at making your business automated, get the right kind of recruits into your business and showing you how to free up your time. She has a Masters in Business Ownership.

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