You need to learn to trust the data that’s coming out of your business the way you trust your gut. – Brad Farris

In coaching and consulting, we quickly discover that the biggest hurdles to success are internal. We see the effect that limiting beliefs have on our clients’ ability to implement the strategies, tactics and advice that will get them what they want.

Getting better results requires our clients to change what they do and what they believe about what they do. It’s very hard to create any meaningful change if they are still clinging to the wrong set of beliefs. Our marketing and the system we use to help them get results need to address those beliefs.

What are the most common limiting beliefs our clients have? How do we get them to buy into the Point of View that will get them results?


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In this episode, I’m joined by agency coach, speaker, trainer and founder of Anchor Advisors, Brad Farris. He shares how he deals with client limiting beliefs at different stages of the client relationship. We also discuss the methods Brad has used to become MicroFamous in his space, and the importance of data in our businesses.

Things We Learned from Brad Farris

  • The “secret sauce” – two key techniques Brad uses to break down limiting beliefs.
  • The hardest thing to outsource in your business.
  • How coaching teams and basing his coaching off KPI’s has transformed his coaching.
  • The power of masterminds to deliver better results and scale a coaching business.

Guest Bio-

Brad Farris is an Agency Coach, business advisor, speaker, trainer and founder of Anchor Advisors. Anchor Advisors helps creative agency owners get from $1M in sales to $5M through peer learning and rapid feedback. They work with business owners and founders with 10 to 100 employees who have seen growth and success in their business, but need to develop systems and processes so that decisions can be made at a lower level of the organization. This enables business owners to monitor the results and apply their talents where they are needed most.

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